1-Year-Old Japanese Girl and Her Giant Poodle Make the Cutest Friendship Goals Photos

There are a lot of different friendship goals that you can see on Facebook, but these two best friends can be your newest favorite.

One-year-old Mame and her best friend Riku are your newest friendship goals to follow on Instagram.

Image by tamanegi.qoo.riku via Instagram

Together they make the cutest companion photos that you have ever seen. Tamanegi, Mame’s grandmother, is the one who documents their lovely moments and posts it on Instagram, at a page that currently has almost 342,000 followers.

Though they have two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo, Riku the giant poodle is the one with an incredible connection with little Mame.

Image by tamanegi.qoo.riku via Instagram

It’s really heartwarming to see a genuine friendship and the two seemed to be inseparable.

Like all other best friends, they love spending time together, whether they are just chilling or eating or reading. The two are always together.

Image by tamanegi.qoo.riku via Instagram

Look how they are having fun while playing hide and seek.

Image by tamanegi.qoo.riku via Instagram

They also love to dress up. So adorable!

Image by tamanegi.qoo.riku via Instagram

Their memories are now collected in a book which you can purchase from Amazon Japan for 1026 yen (around $9.40).

According to Mashable, Giant poodles, also known as Royal poodles, are not actual breeds of dogs but a commonly used marketing term that is used to describe very large standard poodles. They can measure up to 25 inches (63cm) and weigh around 60 pounds (27kg).

It’s really refreshing to see that even though the world seems to be chaotic, there are photos just like what Mame and Riku have that show pure innocence and can bring so much happiness to our lives.