10 Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space… #3 Will Blow Your Mind: It’s Worth $26.6 Nonillion!

There are millions of amazing things in outer space – and we haven’t even seen all of what is out there! Thankfully, there are a number of discoveries the NASA share with us, such as the discovery of these 10 amazing things in outer space featured in a video by Top Media.

We find it quite amazing how these stuff exist out there, beyond our reach, many of which defy the laws of Physics as we know it!

But while the Goldilocks planet is surely worth looking into or even visiting in some far future, the diamond planet is far more interesting!

Any entity that gets to reach that place, set up camp, and mine those diamonds are surely going to be the richest folks on Earth but they have to spend a lot of money to be able to do that and also travel so far that they might have a hard time getting back (but they’ll still be the richest, anyway, and would surely be placed in the history books as the first people to reach the diamond planet).

Check out this video and tell us which of the 10 discoveries do you find most incredible:

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