10 Futuristic Things You Can Actually Buy Online… #5 is Incredible!

Today, there are a lot of futuristic items you can buy online to make your life easier or simply to look cool among your friends. While the adaptive light saber became quite popular in the wake of the latest Star Wars release, other futuristic stuff like smart watches, pocket printers, and 3D tools are becoming popular because of their real usefulness!

While we had only watched people using watches and other non-phone-shaped items to communicate in sci-fi or spy movies, this is a reality that we could now enjoy, albeit an expensive one, that is! Still, it is incredible to know that these futuristic items are now at hand and we could easily buy them online for a hassle-free experience.

Which of these cool gadgets would you like to own? Call me a boring geek but I actually like the pocket printer best!