10 Most Unusual Schools in the World

Think school is boring? Then you probably want to check out these 10 most unusual schools in the world – and you’ll realize that the well-lighted school rooms we take for granted are perfect for learning.

Most of the schools in the list have primitive buildings that are not your typical school buildings, including train platform schools in India, boat schools in Bangladesh, and cave schools in China.

Of course, not all the schools in the list made by TheRichest and shared on YouTube are weird in a primitive way. For example, you’ll probably Microsoft’s School of the Future Philadelphia. This awesome school gives each student a laptop at admission – and most of the students are poor but deserving scholars.

Taking the liberty to add one more unusual school to the list, we take the “kariton” (wagon) schools in the Philippines which were made by Efren Peñaflorida to address the lack of classrooms and existence of many out-of-school youths in the country.

Check out TheRichest’s original list below and be amazed at these unusual schools. Can you add some schools to this list?