10 of the World’s Most Mysterious Structures…#5 is Creepy

There are plenty of mysterious structures on Earth which have never been explained even by the most intelligent scientists. Despite the use of modern instrumentation to check the origin and age of these structures, no one could put forth an explanation as to how these were made, especially since they date back to thousands of years when humans do not even have tools to move such large objects – or so we would like to think, anyway.

For example, many of these mysterious structures, such as the Stonehenge and the Easter Island heads are so large that today’s modern cranes would still find it difficult to carry and place them in position yet the ancient folks were able to create them, anyway! Did they get help from aliens? Well, that’s the only possible theory we could come up to explain why these structures were created but accepting such would also mean believing that aliens do exist and had visited the Earth. Hmmmm…

This list, compiled by Top Media, will provide you with the fascinating structures (and there are still many out there that didn’t make it to this list). Although #5, the Goseck Circle, is probably the list interesting form in the list, what scientists found inside this mysterious circle gave me goosebumps: evidence of human sacrifice! Ugh!

Check out these mysterious structures in this video: