10 People Who Got Fired Over Stupid Facebook Posts

Facebook and other social media have made our lives much easier because we can easily connect with friends, no matter where they are, at any given time. But there are many people whose use of social media actually cost them their jobs – and there are even others who lost not just their jobs but also relationships!

Let this video created by YouTube user TheRichest serve as a warning to each and every one of us that there should be a limit to what we post on Facebook – for no matter how much you hated your job, you don’t have to post it for all the world to see unless you are ready to get fired in public!

Also, if you were to attend a party and plan to post photos of the revelry on Facebook (or your friends just might tag you and you’ll be busted, anyway), do not email your boss with some excuse like attending to a family emergency because they would surely not take such matters lightly!

Well, here are 10 people who got fired over stupid Facebook posts…