10-Year-Old Kid Begs for Money on Street as a Form of Punishment

Kids are given to be naughty and doing crazy stuff of all sorts; and as a way of punishment, some parents put them on time out or face the wall while some spank their kids as a way of discipline. However, a parent in China has a different way on disciplining his son.

A 10-year-old boy from Guizhou, China was forced to beg for money in the streets because he spent a huge amount of money buying upgrades on a game.

Image: World of Buzz

According to World of Buzz, the little boy was just playing with his father’s phone for about three hours, when his father took his phone, he was surprised to see that his son spent around 3,000 yuan (around $471) for upgrades in a famous mobile app game ‘King of Glory’.

As a punishment, his father forced him to kneel down and beg for money in the streets. This caught the attention of the people on streets who thought he was lost.

His father appeared and explained the situation to the people.

“He took my phone to play King of Glory and spent 3,000 yuan (around $471) in the game. That is equivalent to my whole month’s salary as we do not earn a lot. That’s why I have to punish him and teach him a lesson,” he said according to World of Buzz. Wow!

Image: World of Buzz

Shockingly, most netizens agreed with the father’s action. One said, “This is a really good way to teach the kid a lesson so that he knows money isn’t easy to earn.”

Do you think this is the best form of punishment to teach kids the value of money?