103-Year-Old Woman Gets the Most Amazing Surprise of Her Life: A Cat!

We all have special requests during our special day; aside from a party, it’s really heartwarming when these request will be granted. Just like this sweet centenarian name Lilian.

She just recently turned 103 earlier this month. Her friends threw a surprise party for her at Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living in Utah where she lives.

The party was filled with plenty of good food with her friends and lots of party decorations.

Image: The Dodo

Her only birthday wish is to have a feline. A few years back, her cat Sammy passed away and left Lilian with a heavy heart and wishing to have a new companion.

Little did she know that across town, there’s a homeless cat that wanted to find someone to love and take care of her.

So, the staff at the assisted living facility contacted the St. George Animal Shelter. They learned that Marley, a 9-year-old cat, needed a forever home. They thought that she would be the perfect birthday gift for Lilian.

Image: The Dodo

So during the party, Lilian and Marley were introduced.

“Lillian was surprised and overjoyed at Marley’s appearance during her birthday lunch.She instantly took Marley on her lap and they both cuddled each other,” Animal Service Officer Joe Harradine, who brought Marley to the party told The Dodo in an interview.

All this time, she thought that Marley was just visiting for her birthday but when she found out that Marley was going to be her cat, she hugged Marley even more.

The party continued after the big surprise but Marley’s introduction was indeed the highlight.

Image: The Dodo

The surprise was a huge success.