11-Year-Old Boy with Autism Loves Dishwashers, Gets Surprise from Restaurant Manager

Eleven-year-old Slade Denton was having a good time with his family at a Ruby Restaurant. Slade who has a high-functioning autism loves washing machines and dishwashers.

According to Babble, Katie Elizabeth Denton, Slade’s stepmother said that he often becomes fixated on something he’s interested in and it becomes all he can think about. So while they are having a good time, he was really interested in dishwashers.

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When the restaurant’s manager approached their table, Slade asked her all about the dishwasher. He asked if their restaurant has a big dishwasher. Ashley answered “Yes” then Slade started telling his favorite dishwashers and they had in the kitchen.

Slade wants to see the dishwasher of the restaurant but Matt, his dad, explained to him that only employees could see the dishwasher.

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But Katie had a different thing in mind. She approached the manager to ask if there’s a way Slade could see the dishwasher; she was surprised when Ashley responded, “I’m already planning on bringing him in the back and letting him run some dishes through the dishwasher.”

She couldn’t contain her happiness and hugged Ashley as if they’ve known each other for a long time.

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After few minutes, Ashley gathered an apron for Slade to wear and brought them into the kitchen. After a brief explanation and demonstration on how to use the machine, Slade was given a chance to wash the dishes. Katie on the other hand, recorded the whole thing.

Katie posted the video and what she wanted to say to Ashley on social media and flooded with positive comments.

I posted the video so that Ashley and the staff at Ruby Tuesday could get recognition for such a beautiful thing. But the reaction has been insane and we have been showered in love and support,” Katie told Life Daily.

“Slade is getting job offers and kitchen field trip offers from different restaurants,” Katie added.