11-Year-Old Boy Works All Summer to Buy Gravestone for Late Biological Dad He Hadn’t Even Met!

Brandon Bakke had never met his biological family but when he turned 11 years old, he began asking questions about them and his adoptive mom Brandy readily supported his quest. They were soon able to contact Brandon’s biological sister.

But the boy’s excitement to the meet his biological family turned to grief when his sister told him that their dad had recently died. Because they were too poor, the family couldn’t afford a gravestone; thus, their dad Terrence Burnam was buried in an unmarked grave.

Even though he never met his dad, Brandon knew he had to do something so his dad won’t be just a passing memory to those who knew him.

Photo credit: This Buzz

So, the young lad worked all summer long – mowing lawns, selling lemonades, and doing various chores for money until he was able to get enough cash to pay for the gravestone.

Watch the touching moment he was finally able to pay off the gravestone and view the final result of his efforts: