117-Year-Old Jamaican Woman is the World’s Oldest Living Person

Born in the 1900s, 117-year-old Jamaica native Violet Mosses Brown is the new holder of the title ‘World’s Oldest Person’ following the ***** of the previous title holder, Italy’s Emma Morano. Morano is a ‘supercentenarian’ and the last known person to be born in the 1800s.

Brown, affectionately referred to as Aunt V, said that her efforts and devotion to the Baptist Church, as well as her respect for family and life, helped her lived a happy and long life.

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Born in the month of March, Brown’s diet is nothing special. She still eats what she wants except for pork and chicken, and abstains from what she referred to as ‘rum and dem things.’ She also likes to eat fish, mutton, and sometimes, cow foot, and locally grown produce such as potatoes, breadfruit, oranges, and mangoes.

She still makes her bed every morning, though her son and grandson would not let her do much. Without any major illness, Brown’s only complaint is that she is unable to hear well. However, she added that this disability does not affect her much.

When asked what her secret to her long life is, she quoted the Old Testament of the Bible, saying, “Honor your father and mother so your days may be long.

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