12-Year-Old Boy Steals Mom’s Credit Card after Argument, Flies to Bali for an ‘Adventure’

A clever 12-year-old kid has earned internet fame for managing to travel to Bali, Indonesia by himself – but his mother was understandably furious, especially because he had stolen her credit card!

According to his mother Emma, she had been in an argument with Drew (not his real name) who would later leave the house in his scooter. They assumed he was off to school but it turned out he had grander plans for the day.

It turned out that after the argument, Drew planned to run away. What better way to flee from his parents than to go away to some faraway place, outside the country?

After doing some research, particularly on which airlines will let him fly to another country without permission from his parents, Drew picked his airline of choice and booked a ticket for Bali, Indonesia. After securing the plane tickets, he booked into an All Seasons hotel in Bali. Then, he tricked his grandma into giving him his passport.

Because the earliest flight to Bali was from Perth, Drew also booked a flight from Sydney to Perth before riding a train to Sydney Airport. Throughout the trip to Bali, he was not questioned for being a minor traveling alone – and no one asked for proof of his parents’ permission. According to Drew, he was only asked to show his ID to prove he’s in secondary school and is over 12 years old.

In Bali, the tech-savvy kid managed to secure a bike and cycled his way to the hotel, finding it on the map. At the hotel, he lied that his older sister was arriving later and that he was told to check-in earlier so he could rest. Amazingly, the front desk accepted his statement and didn’t think something suspicious was going on.

Drew was able to enjoy 4 days in Bali before his mother arrived to take him back to Sydney. She was furious!

While Drew was enjoying his Bali vacation, his family was frantically looking for him after his mother learned he never made it to school that day. They feared the worst and reported the matter to the police but their worry turned to anger after learning he had used his mother’s credit card to go on a trip.

Shocked, disgusted. There’s no emotion to feel what we felt when we discovered that he had left overseas,” Mommy Emma declared.

But spending 4 days by himself in Bali was a fun adventure for Drew, despite his parent’s anger. He said he doesn’t regret a thing.

It was great. Because I wanted to go on an adventure,” he told reporters.

While some people praised him for being ‘street-smart’, what he did was wrong and should not be done by anyone – especially using stolen credit cards! Kids, you can go on an adventure all you like but with your own money and with permission from your parents…

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