12-Year-Old Genius Boy with 3 College Degrees to Take Medical Course This Year… He’d be a Doctor by the Time He’s 18 Years Old!

While most kids across the world will still be graduating from senior high school by the time they reach 18 years old, one will already be conferred the title of “Medical Doctor”, MD.

Quite an impressive kid inducted in the highly prestigious IQ society of Mensa when he was still 4 years old, Tanishq Abraham already has three college degrees to date. He already has an associate degree in Math, Science, and a yet undisclosed foreign language.

In 2015, he graduated from American River College.

Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance
Photo credit: Yahoo! Finance

Still, his ultimate dream is to become a doctor by 18; thus, he plans to enroll in biomedical engineering this year. He already has a clear path for his future; although he’s currently a bit stumped as to where he should enroll since he was accepted in both the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz and UC Davis.

He’s definitely going to be one of the brightest students in history and could soon be mentioned alongside science bigwigs like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Good luck, kid!

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