12-Year-Old Girl Abducted by Seven Men for Marriage Gets Saved by Lions

It is sad that there are still a number of places on Earth with barbaric practices like abducting little girls for forced child marriage. But one such incident would go viral after the seven kidnappers were chased away by some lions who would later guard the girl as if they were one of their own…

Cops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia received a call for help after seven men got chased by lions but it turned out the men have abducted a 12-year-old girl, beating her up and trying to force her into marrying one of them.

She had been repeatedly beaten by the men so she would agree to marry the guy but she continued to refuse.

Photo credit: Happy Cats Online / TNP

While the practice is largely condemned by the international community, kidnapping young girls remains to be a custom in Ethiopia and is believed to account for about 70% of marriages in the country.

But this girl’s continued crying must have attracted the lions’ attention. The majestic creatures rushed to the house where she had been held for a week.

What truly amazed the cops and the girl’s relatives who found her being guarded by the lions is that the lions did not even harm her one bit. In fact, they learned that the lions rushed into the house and chased the bad men away.

Then, they stood guard over the girl to ensure her captors are not able to capture her again. It was estimated that the lions had spent over half a day protecting the girl.

When the cops and her relatives arrived, however, the lions did not chase them out. Instead, after seeing that the girl was alright, the lions eventually walked away.

Wildlife expert Stuart Williams believes the lions must have thought the crying girl was a lost cub but many said lions weren’t that stupid and that they must have known this was a human child, not a lion cub, but they protected it anyway.

More religious folks argued that there was no way lions would behave in that manner unless they were told by God to rescue the girl, much like the story of Daniel and the lions. Do you think that’s the case?

Source :

NBC News, Newsner

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