12-Year-Old Girl Bullied for Being Too Fat to Receive Valentine’s Gifts, Receives Giant Teddy from Kind Teen

It is a sad reality that bullying exists in many places, especially in schools. While we expect teachers to monitor the children’s activities to ensure bullying doesn’t take place, teachers could only do as much and can’t be in all places at the same time.

Last Valentine’s Day, a 12-year-old girl named Aislinn happily shared the four dozen cookies she baked the previous day for her classmates but not one gave her anything. The teen was unhappy but while she didn’t show it, her day became worse when she was bullied on the way to the bus.

Photo credit: Abby Howell / Facebook

Don’t fall. We will have an earthquake,” a boy told her. She didn’t fight back or say anything.

But after boarding the bus, a girl laughed at her and shouted, “You didn’t get any Valentines because you’re a fat*** f***ing b**ch.” This left her in tears.

At home, she told her mom Kristin about what happened, saying that it was not only the worst Valentine’s she’s ever experienced, she also didn’t want to go back to school after all the bullying she constantly receives.

Kristin managed to convince Aislinn to go back to school the following day but she would tearfully call her best friend Abby Howell to share what happened. Horrified over what happened to the kind, loving girl, Abby immediately called her daughters so they can comfort Aislinn who also happens to be their childhood friend.

Photo credit: Abby Howell / Facebook

At the dinner table, the family discussed what happened. When 15-year-old Isaiah heard what happened to his sisters’ friend, he immediately offered to help.

The following day, Isaiah went to Aislinn’s school at lunch time, carrying a giant teddy bear and some flowers. They surprised the girl at the cafeteria – the perfect place for everyone to see that Aislinn isn’t as unloved as they thought!

Photo credit: Abby Howell / Facebook

All eyes followed this kind young man as he searched the cafeteria for his princess. Everyone was certainly surprised to see that she was the recipient of such awesome gifts! The young lady was certainly shocked but we could clearly see the huge smile on her face.

It warms our heart to see this teen make a bullied girl feel extra special. God bless you and your family, Isaiah!