14-Year-Old Russian Model **** Because of Working 13 Straight Hours, Diagnosed With Meningitis Linked to Being Overworked

It is essential that anyone who goes to work gets enough rest to recover from a completely tiring day. The body definitely needs enough of it to be recharged and be prepared for the next day’s workload. However, there are those people who sometimes forget to look into their body’s health that it becomes compromised in their pursuit to acquire a good job and get a rewarding income from it.

A 14-year-old model named Vlada Dzyuba was working for a 3-month modeling assignment in China.  Unfortunately, the teenager did not wake up from her sleep after working 13 straight hours in a modeling event.

Photo : Siberian Times

During an interview with Russian TV channel NTV, Vlada’s mother named Oksana, shared that her daughter called her and complained of “utter exhaustion” after a 13-hour Asian fashion show in Shanghai.

Photo : Siberian Times
Photo : Siberian Times

As the teenager model was used to just working 3 hours per day, working for 13 straight hours for the first time might have been really difficult for her.

According to Oksana, Vlada called her one day and said that she was so tired and she wanted to sleep badly. Her mother then thought that it was the start of the model’s illness as she already had fever that time.  This made her worry so much about her daughter that she was unable to sleep. Since then, she checked on her constantly and begged her to go to the hospital.

The Fashion show went on for several days more.  Unfortunately, while the young model was waiting for her next appearance on stage, her temperature went really high that she collapsed later on.  They called an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital yet she never regained consciousness and died after two days.

Apparently, the reason why the teenage model did not want to seek hospital treatment at the first sign of her sickness was the fact that her contract does not include medical insurance.

In fact, a survey conducted in the year 2010 by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the Chinese Hospital Association revealed that 60% of the white-collar jobs offered in large cities in China are faced with a risk of fatal sickness resulting from being overworked by employees.

Vlada died from complications of acute cerebral meningitis which was later linked to being overworked.