15-Year-Old Dog Patiently Waits for Owner to Return from Work Everyday

A dog located in Chongqing, Southwest, China became an internet superstar and going viral after a video was posted showing that he waits in a subway station for its owner to return home from work every day.

Image: Next Shark

According to the locals, Xiongxion, the 15-year-old dog is “well behaved” even though he’s not wearing any collar or tied with a leash. He just patiently waits outside the Liziba station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district while his owner goes to work.

He’s well behaved and never eats anything given to him by others. The dogs just stays here and waits for him. It always gets extremely excited when it see its owner return each day,” a local resident said in an interview with South China Morning Post.

For 12 long hours, Xiongxiong sits on the ground by the entrance starting at around 7am or 8am.

According to Next Shark, his owner had been taking care of him for nearly 8 years.

Image: Next Shark

Xiongxiong is 15 years old and I’ve had him for seven or eight years; ever since I have had Xiongxiong, he has waited for me every day,” his owner said.

Some people would compare Xiongxiong to Hachiko, a Japanese dog from the 1920s who would meet his owner everyday at a train station when he comes back from work and continued to do so even after his owner passed.

Now, Xiongxiong garnered the attention of many online users who regularly visit the dog, according to the report.

A pet’s loyalty and love for his owner is very heartwarming and touches so many people’s lives; with this kind of love, these pets deserve to be loved as well.