16-Year-Old Italian Boy Sues Mother for Posting His Photos on Social Media

Almost all of us have Facebook accounts and it sometimes serves as our online diary. We post photos of our special day, our look for the day not only for ourselves but because we would love to update our family members who are living miles away from us.

Image: Pixabay

Unfortunately, a 16-year-old boy from Italy took his mother to court for constantly posting his photos on Facebook without his consent last year. According to Oddity Central, the boy claims that his mother’s actions had some serious impact on his social life. Furthermore, he was considering transferring to a high-school in the United States because he wants to start over.

Judge Monica Velleti of the first section of the civil court in Rome made a ruling in favor of the teen on December 23, 2017. The boy’s mother also needed to delete every information of her son from her social media account by February 1, 2018, or she will pay a fine of €10,000 ($12,270).

The teenager and his mother have been in a conflict since she and his father divorced. After the separation, his mother started posting photos of his son and exposing his personal life. It went overboard when his mother referred to him as a mental patient and a killer.

Because his information about his personal life became widely accessible online, he requests to be transferred to a school in the US for him to “stay away from the current social context, in which all of his fellow high-school students are aware of his personal details, made known by his mother with constant and systematic use of social networks”.

According to Lawyer Giuseppe Croari, the mother violated Facebook’s terms and conditions by posting her son’s picture. Furthermore, she violated the Italian copyright law wherein it clearly states that the subject of the photo owns the copyright and permission is required before it can be published on social media.

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