17-Year-Old Boy Recovers from Unbearable Back Pain, Thanks to Chiropractor

A man who was left bending double after he injured himself was treated by a Chiropractic expert in Australia.

Seventeen-year-old Muntathar Altaii from the United States injured himself at the beginning of the year from pulling up a tree root. He was left practically crippled and in unbearable pain for 3 months. He was unable to stand up straight for long periods of time and can’t feel anything on his right leg.

Image from Metro

Specialists from the United Stated refused to treat him because they are afraid that his condition will get worse. So they contacted Chiropractic Excellence in Parkdale, South East of Melbourne, Australia. Together with his father, Amir, he traveled to Australia with hope that Dr Ian Rossborough would help him stand straight again.

As soon as they arrived, he was examined by Dr Ian. He had no feeling down his right leg and he needed to lift his legs with his hands just to walk. Furthermore, he couldn’t eat and he would sleep for two or three days at a time that resulted in a skin condition.

After his first session, Dr Ian saw that one of the joints isn’t functioning properly; the measurements are also quite a long way out which suggests the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of spine, has rotated. He made a ‘very small correction’ on Muntathar and after that, the teen already regained some feeling back on his leg.

On the second day, Muntathar reported that he was able to sleep well for the first time in 3 months and Dr Ian identified a huge amount of upper cervical nerve pressuring his neck so he made another adjustment.

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After the 10th day, there was great improvement on Muntathar’s condition; he was able to move his legs easily. They also noticed that Muntathar was taller than Dr Ian. He also sent a photo back to his family on that night. His father was so overwhelmed when he saw the amazing recovery of his son as he couldn’t believe what had happened.

Muntathar was able to make it home just in time for his graduation ceremony and aims to be a chiropractor and help others who are in need.

Image from Metro