19-Month-Old Boy **** after Anti-Vaxxer Parents Refused Medical Treatment for His Meningitis

Believing that vaccines can cause autism and a host of other problems, David and Collet Stephan from Canada refused to vaccinate any of their children.

When their 19-month-old son Ezekiel contracted bacterial meningitis, the two decided to simply treat the boy at home using alternative medicines since they are selling their own line of homeopathic remedies, EMPowerPlus.

Photo credit: Prayers for Ezekiel / Facebook
Photo credit: Prayers for Ezekiel / Facebook

Using a combination of maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, and ginger root, the couple ‘treated’ Ezekiel but after days of suffering from the deadly condition, the boy stopped breathing. It was only then that the couple called 911 but it was too late. Ezekiel was ****.

Because the condition that led to the boy’s ***** was actually preventable by widely available vaccines, the judge handling the couple’s case ruled that they are responsible for their own son’s *****.

Photo credit: Prayers for Ezekiel / Facebook
Photo credit: Prayers for Ezekiel / Facebook

David was sentenced to 4 months in prison while Collet was placed on house arrest. The couple was also directed to bring their three other kids to a medical facility to update all their vaccinations and to bring them for a regular check-up with a public health nurse every three months.

Despite what happened to Ezekiel and the sentence they had to face, David and Collet had not changed their stance against vaccination. After three weeks in prison, David was released for good behavior and was met by a huge group of other anti-vaxxer parents who had hailed them as heroes!

Poor Ezekiel… Let’s just hope that nothing bad will ever happen to the other Stephan kids and the children of these other anti-vaxxers!

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