2-Year-Old Boy Drives SUV onto Busy Intersection after Mom Left Him and the Baby in the Car!

With her 2-year-old toddler strapped safely in his car seat and the 10-month-old baby also in a baby carrier seat, mom Tykeia O’Dell felt it was safe to leave them in the SUV at the gas station while she bought some stuff from the convenience store. But she was wrong.

Just as she was able to enter the convenience store, she saw that her car was already reversing and heading towards the busy intersection on Metro East road in Fairview Heights, Ill. Frantic about the kids inside, Tykeia swiftly chased after the car – and everyone was shocked to find the toddler behind the wheel!

What’s worse is that the SUV came with a safety feature that automatically locks the door when the vehicle is moving; thus, Tykeia or anyone else could not open the door to grab the steering wheel. In her attempt to stop the SUV, Tykeia suffered some injuries.

Seeing that the car was going round and round, endangering the kids and Tykeia even more in that busy intersection, a quick-thinking man with a pick-up truck used his vehicle to stop the toddler-controlled SUV. Tykeia admitted that she was not able to thank the man as she was frantic about her kids when the vehicle finally stopped.

Tykeia admits she was at fault in leaving her kids in the vehicle but has surely learned her lesson and won’t ever be doing it again!

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