2-Year-Old Boy Locks Mother’s Phone for 47 Years after Keying in Wrong Password Multiple Times

In the digital era that we are in today, most kids are more tech-savvy than people older than them. You would notice that more kids are entertained in the malls with their very own tablet or smartphone while their parents run errands, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t wreck our devices.

Just like what had happened to a mother from China.

Lu was with her 2-year-old son who was playing with her phone which she had put a password lock so that the toddler wouldn’t go through her entire phone. As we all know, smartphones will put your phone on hold when you key in the wrong password too many times.

However, on Lu’s situation, she needed to wait for 25,114,984 minutes which is approximately 47 years before she could re-enter her password. What?!

Image: World of Buzz

Left with no choice, she went to the Apple store and ask assistance to unlock her gadget, the staff explained to her that the only way to unlock it was by formatting the entire device which means she would lose all the data stored inside. Unfortunately, she didn’t back up her data. Ouch!

Image: World of Buzz

“Guess I’ve got no choice and have to format the device! I really don’t want to do so but I can’t wait that long. Am I supposed to show this phone to my grandchildren next time and tell them this was what their father did? In another 47 years, I probably can’t even play on my phone,” Lu said in an interview.

Next time, don’t leave your kids unattended. You don’t want to wait for another 47 years before using your phones.