20-Year-Old Crocodile Lives in a Pond Beside a Family in Indonesia

Whenever we hear about crocodiles, we always think about animals eating humans and their aggressive attitude, but who would’ve thought that some people consider them as pets?

A family in Indonesia have been living with a crocodile for over 20 years.

Muhammad Iwan, 41, bought a newborn estuarine crocodile in 1997 at Pangandaran Beach, West Java for just 25,000 Indonesian Rupiah (around $1,800), took it home in Sempur Sub-District, named the crocodile ‘Kojek’, and made it his pet.

Image: Oddity Central

After two decades, Kojek had grown into 200kg and Muhammad claims that he would never hurt him and his family; he has small children aged 2 to 10 years old.

When I saw a group of fishermen carrying Kojek, I bought him immediately for 25,000 rupiahs. When he was little, Kojek had a fierce nature and even bit my finger, but he soon grew tame when I took him into my home. Kojek looks like a beast, but he loves to interact with humans,” Muhammad said in an interview according to Oddity Central.

This gentle giant made him famous in an instant. People from all over the world have been traveling just to see this Kojel and his family.

Image: Oddity Central

Reminiscing, Muhammad said that he Kojek was only 25 cm when he took him home and was living in a medium-sized aquarium but now, he already has his own little pond right next to their home. His diet consists of 5kg of goldfish daily, making his owner spend around 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah (around $3,700) for Kojek’s one-week food budget.

Some tourists have been dying to meet Kojek. In fact, Muhammad revealed in one of the interviews that some tourists offered up to 1 Billion Indonesian Rupiah (around $75,000) to buy Kojek but he refused because Muhammad considers him as a member of his family.

I love crocodiles, and I care a lot about Kojek, and I think he sees me as his father. He’s a good pet,” he said in an interview.

Muhammad cleans Kojek’s water once a week and give him skincare and brushes his teeth.

Sure enough that Kojek will grow bigger as the time goes by. According to Oddity Central male species of crocodiles can grow over 6 meters in length and weigh close to a tonne. We just do hope that his gentleness remains and he won’t hurt anyone.

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