20-Year-Old Man Lives Unnoticed in 90-Year-Old Woman’s House

We all love staying at home because that is the only place wherein we can do whatever we want because we feel secure and comfortable; that’s why we hate intruders. We value our security so when intrusions occur, we immediately call the police.

But that is not the case with this poor 90-year-old woman in Japan.

Image: Oddity Central

A 20-year-old man from Himeji had been living unnoticed in the elderly woman’s house for over half a year. Whoops!

His incredible way of living came to an end when the house owner’s son came to visit and cooked her dinner. The man suddenly heard noises coming from the second floor of the house so he decided to go upstairs to see what’s going on. To his surprise, he found a young man sleeping on a futon.

The man closed the door very slowly and headed downstairs to ask his mother if she let someone stay in her house. The woman had no idea what her son was talking about so they immediately called the emergency number to report the incident.

As the police arrived, the intruder was handcuffed and was taken to the police station. Unfortunately, he was not cooperative when police asked him his name, how long he had been living there, and the reason for his trespassing.

During the police investigation, it was revealed that the intruder entered the house of the woman on December 12 and lived there ever since.

One of the reasons why he can freely live in there is that the old woman almost never goes up to her second floor. She, too, didn’t hear any unusual noises maybe because due to aging, her hearing is not so clear anymore or the squatter must have been so quiet.

The police found the shoes of the intruder at the entrance but the woman claims she never noticed those either.

As of now, the 20-year-old intruder was only charged with trespassing, the police are still figuring out his intentions in staying at the woman’s house.