20 Years After Their Mom Survived ******, These 3 Sisters Were Diagnosed with ****** One After the Other. What a Heartbreaking Story…

They lost everything in their childhood due to their mother’s ****** – thankfully, she survived and the three sisters were quite close to each other because of the experience but nothing prepared them from the series of bad news that began 20 years after their mom was declared ******-free.

Katie Warrant was the first to be diagnosed with ****** – hers was bowel ******. “Because of my age and having no history they didn’t consider it,” she revealed. “But when I found out, yes it was scary, but I was just thinking ‘thank God it isn’t Kristal or Cassie.

This feeling of relief was short-lived. Although Katie was soon declared ******-free, the tumor grew back and she had to undergo chemotherapy all over again. It was around this time that her sister, Kristal Ford-Spencer, noticed a lump on her breast.

The doctor read my diagnosis right off the report – ‘you have a malignant mass’ – because I could tell she didn’t want to say the words ‘you have ******’,” Kristal revealed.

And just when they thought they’ve had the worst year ever, the third sister, Cassie Ford, got diagnosed with breast ****** mere 5 weeks after Kristal’s diagnosis.

Upon hearing about the sisters’ heartbreaking ordeal, radio station KIIS in their native country of Australia gave them a wonderful surprise: something they have all been wishing for in most of their lives.

Watch the lovely surprise here:

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