200 Dancers Surprised People at a Train Station with “The Sound of Music” Flash Mob

People at the Central Station Antwerp in Belgium were surprised when the speakers blared with Julie Andrews’ lovely voice, singing the much-loved “Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music”. Little did they know that they were in for a big surprise: a fun flash mob participated by around 200 dancers.

In the spirit of the movie/musical hit, there were kids who participated in the flash mob. The first dancers were reminiscent of the kids from the Von Trapp family, the main characters of “The Sound of Music”. Although Julie Andrews did not appear as one of the dancers, it was refreshing to hear her lovely voice on the speakers, “leading” all the dancers in this awesome performance.

The flash mob was staged, of course, but what was amazing is that it actually just took the performers 2 rehearsals to get the whole thing perfectly. Isn’t that wonderful?

Check out the video here: