21-Year-Old Malaysian Outsmarts People Who Stole His Camera, Gets It Back and Puts Them Behind Bars

Twenty one-year-old news photographer Muhammad Affan Fauzi was on his way home from work. He stopped by the roadside at Silikon Highway in Serdang, Malaysia. Unfortunately, he found himself robbed with an estimated loss of RM 15,000 (around $3,828).

Then, a friend of Affan happened to come across a post online of a similar DSLR Nikon D800 camera on sale after he filed a police report of what had happened. Affan immediately looked at the photos online.

Image: World of Buzz

As soon as he confirmed that it was his stolen camera, he immediately set up a meeting with the ‘sellers’ for a clearer inspection.

According to World of Buzz, he had a strong feeling that the camera on sale was his because of the scratch mark and the lanyard but just to make sure that his speculations were true, he decided to set up the suspects.

Upon meeting, the three suspects said that they are selling the camera for a total of RM 3,500 (around $893).

I proceeded to check the camera and when the serial number matched, I told them that it was mine. They immediately tried to run and a scuffle ensued,” Affan said in an interview.

Image: World of Buzz

Lucky enough that members of the public and some of his friends were able to overpower the three suspects and catch them. They were sent to the police who arrived at the scene a while alter.

Whew! Affan and his friends sure know how to catch some criminals! He’s very lucky to get back his stolen camera and the culprits were put behind bars. Congratulations!