22-Year-Old Girl Regrets Having 30 Plastic Surgeries Just to Please Her Boyfriend

Altering our looks has become commonplace all over the world. As some people would want to have better looks, they tend to go under the knife.

Most people didn’t regret having surgeries because of the satisfaction they felt. Unfortunately not all of them were pleased. A 22-year-old girl from Hong Kong had done over 30 procedures on herself and now regrets it.

Image: World of Buzz

In an article posted by World of Buzz, it was stated that this young girl started having surgeries when she was 17 years old when she was at a beauty center that offers student packages wherein the students only need to pay HKD 799 ($102) for three injections.

She spent over HKD 17,000 ($2,175) for her first surgery and she became addicted to plastic surgery in hopes to get the “perfect beauty”.

Image: World of Buzz

Speaking to China Press, she mentioned that most of her surgeries happened when she was around 21 years old. At that time, she said that she had very low self-esteem because her boyfriend that time who was nine years older than her kept criticizing her looks and comparing her with other girls.

Within 6 months, she did over 30 procedures hoping to receive at least one word of praise from her boyfriend. Unfortunately, despite everything that she’d been through, she didn’t receive any single praise from him and he found more things to criticize.

Image: World of Buzz

Her boyfriend was still not satisfied with her looks; he even complained that her breasts were too small. She decided to break up with him when she went for breast enhancement and her ungrateful boyfriend told her that he did not ask her to do the surgery.

She started anew, stopped her plastic surgery addiction, and posted videos warning people about her experience.

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