22-Year-Old Malaysian Author Inspires People to Achieve Dreams with Hard Work and Perseverance

Whether our dreams are big or small, we do the best we can to accomplish all these dreams.

Just like 22-year-old Phedora Lynn who self-published her very own book entitle #ShittyPoetry which is a collection of 40 selected poems that explores different topics.

Image: World of Buzz

She’s studying human resource at the International University Of Malaya-Wales.

Self-publishing her book was not a very easy journey; she struggled financially and had a hard time finding the right paper to print on.

Luckily, she received support from her boyfriend who became her editor and proofreader and her friends and sister who gave her constructive criticism.

Image: World of Buzz

She first printed 30 copies to see if people would love her book; she didn’t even let her parents know about her big project. Later she realized that people actually loved her book and from there, she finally told her parents that she published a book.

“Two days after I told them, my dad bought a cake and then we celebrated. Then, he told me that he used to write poems,” she said in an interview.

Image: World of Buzz

She gave advice to those people who wanted to self-publish their own book.

“Make time for your dreams whether it’s 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, etc. If you want something, persistence and commitment are key. What I do is set a timeline for when I should achieve something, cause it breaks tasks into tinier bits. If I go past the timeline, I go back to the review board and get myself to produce immediately.”

She hopes to be write best-selling novel in the future and to publish another poetry book in 3 years time but this time, under an actual publisher.

Congratulations Phedora for not giving up on your dreams! We look forward to more of your works.