22-Year-Old Man from Russia Faces 15 Years in Prison for Plotting Parents’ *****

A shocking story of a 22-year-old man from Sochi, Russia who plotted a crime to end the lives of his parents and sister so he could inherit all their properties went viral earlier this month.

The young man whose identification wasn’t revealed told his diabolical plan to his friend who confessed to the police. The police tried to set-up the criminal in order to uncover all his evil plans. The undercover policeman posing as a professional hitman met the man and it was confirmed.

The young man gave the policeman all the details he needed to get into their home. The location of all the security cameras installed in their house as well as the guard dog. The young man also has given the policeman a plan of their house.

He surprisingly offered the policeman 3 million rubles (around $54,000) for one of his murdered family members.

After all the allegations were confirmed, the policemen met the parents of the suspect and convinced them about the plans of their own flesh and blood. At first, they didn’t believe them but after handing out all the shreds of evidence, they agreed to be a part of a plan to catch him.

The parents and his sister posed for pictures that shows their throat slit, blood out of their wounds to make sure that the son would believe that the murder was a success.

After the ‘murder’ was successfully done, the undercover police arranged to meet the man and showed him the photos of his ‘****’ family. The suspect was really happy and promised to pay him 3 million rubles as soon as he received the inheritance.

Image: Oddity Central

When the policeman got all the information that they needed, they moved towards the car and ******** the man.

Turns out, the reason why he wanted to kill his family is that his parents didn’t give him money, a policeman confirmed.

What’s even more surprising is that this was not his first time to try kill his family but his fourth. The man is facing up to 15 years in prison.

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