22-Year-Old Obese Boy Loses Weight, Wins Bodybuilding Competition

Some people say that when you gain so much weight, you will be stuck in that situation for the rest of your life because it is a known fact that it’s so hard to lose weight because of many temptations and unhealthy lifestyles. But this 22-year-old student proved that wrong.

The 22-year-old senior studying at Heilongjiang Institute of Technology made headlines in China because of his incredible 6-month transformation from overweight to joining (and winning!) the regional bodybuilding championship.

Image: Oddity Central

Zhang Shuai is a star player in his college basketball team; unfortunately, he had a serious injury that forced him off the court which eventually led to depression. Because he eats too much with the absence of physical exercise, he gained over 40 kilograms in only six months that caused him a lot of inconvenience.

But things turned out well around 6 months ago when he decided to get back in shape. He went back and had a healthy lifestyle, started exercising again, and had a strict diet. In the span of only 6 months, he was in a beautiful shape again. Wow!

Image: Oddity Central

Not only did he lose 30 kilograms of excess weight, he acquired a passion for bodybuilding along his weight loss journey. In fact, he recently won a provincial bodybuilding championship and he currently works as a part-time fitness instruction at a gym in Harbin.

Image: Oddity Central

“In fact, the process brought me more than losing weight. I changed lots of unhealthy habits and my outlook has become more positive,” he said in an interview with China Daily.

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