22-Year-Old Woman Reunites with Biological Mother, Thanks to Social Media

A woman identified as Ayu, 22, asked the help of netizens to find her biological mother because she wanted to invite her to her wedding.

In a story shared by the World of Buzz, Ayu revealed she knew that she was adopted in Standard 6; the only information she knows about her birth mother was her name is Siti Rozani who came from Sandakan, Sabah. Unfortunately, she had no birth certificate and only adoption documents.

Image: World of Buzz

Ayu found more information about Siti when she started a job at a company where both her adoptive and biological mothers used to work. It is also the same company where Siti’s former co-workers found out that she was married when she was pregnant with Ayu but she was also facing a problem and couldn’t look after the child; thus, she decided to give Ayu to her adopted mother.

According to a friend of Siti, the biological mother said that she misses Ayu and tried looking for her but to no avail.

Sharing her heartwarming story on Twitter, her post soon began spreading all over the web with over 18,000 uses retweeting it. Luckily, a woman who turned out to be Siti’s sister found out about her tweet. So, she immediately contacted Ayu.

Image: World of Buzz

After decades of longing, Ayu was finally reunited with her biological mother on March 7th. She also got the chance to meet her biological sister.

Image: World of Buzz

Though she already met her biological mother, she said that she won’t leave her adoptive mother and said: “She is my mother until the end”.