24-Year-Old Lady Sparks Envy after ‘Overprotective’ Dad Goes to Bar Party to Keep Her Safe

It is said that no matter how old you might get, you will always be a baby to your parents’ eyes – and that’s a sweet thing, actually.

One lady who hails from Tamnag, Sultan Kudarat in southern Philippines recently went viral after her ‘overprotective’ dad accompanies her to a bar party to keep her safe.

Photo credit: Xiannie Delfin / Facebook

Xiannie Delfin wrote on Facebook:

Ang papa kong overprotective

Iba talaga basta pulis yung tatay mo kahit sinabi ko na mag chichill lang kmi ,sasama talaga sya kasi daw baka malasing ako.

Hindi ko alam kung maawa ako sayo kasi parang ang lonely mo tingnan or, mahihiya ako kase kahit 24 years old na ako, meron akong body guard na kasama haha

A lot of netizens gushed over the post, commenting that they wished they had parents like that who many might think as strict for accompanying their grown up daughter to the bar with friends but are actually just doting parents who want to make sure their children are alright.

Photo credit: Xiannie Delfin / Facebook

Xiannie further revealed:

Before mo pina andar yung sasakyan hinanap mo pa kung saan yung cap mo, ang purpose mo pala is para hindi ka makikilala sa inuman (huli ko na nagets)

Before umalis ng bahay ang sabi mo lalayo kalang saakin para hindi ako mahihiya, pag dating don, lumayo ka ngang talaga

Thank you pa.

True enough, the photos she shared show that her dad sat far away from their group and pretended he didn’t know them, letting them have fun on their own while he still kept a watchful eye. Should the group get drunk at the end of the party, he’s there to make sure they get back home safe.

Photo credit: Xiannie Delfin / Facebook

After some time, her dad messaged that he ordered sisig and she could get some for the group. He also said he paid for the items he ordered.

Isn’t it sweet to have such a wonderful dad protecting you, even if you’re already an adult?

Photo credit: Xiannie Delfin / Facebook

True enough, the post went viral with over 28k reactions (mostly ‘love’ reactions) and 7.7k shares.