24-Year-Old Man Becomes Paralyzed after Sitting Down on the Toilet, Scrolling His Phone for a Long Time

Remember when our parents bring reading materials with them while they take a dump? That’s no longer the trend because, let’s be real, in this digital age instead of bringing magazines and book, we’re more engaged in our cellphones. We scroll through social media which can take more time in the toilet if you come to think of it but little did we know that this bad habit has some serious consequences.

Image: World of Buzz

A 24-year-old man from Chongqing, China suddenly became paralyzed because of sitting down on the toilet bowl for too long. Who would have thought that he will encounter such a terrible situation because he was a healthy man with no previous medical condition?

He went to the toilet with his smartphone to relieve himself. After an hour, he was still in the toilet; so, his family members went to check up on him but they were so shocked to see that he was found lying on the floor unconscious and they immediately rushed him to the hospital.

Unfortunately, he was already paralyzed.

According to the doctors, the guy seemed to maintain the same sitting position for quite some time; this limited the circulation in his body and the air circulation in the toilet was limited because of the enclosed space. What happened was he suffered from oxygen deficiency in his brain.

The doctor also added that not focusing on pooping may lead to constipation; in return, the body would have to work harder. Also, the man’s lack of exercise also played a big cause to his paralysis.

This is quite shocking considering many of us have this habit. We hope that the man’s condition will improve over time.