25-Year-Old Woman with Dwarfism Gets Confidence from Cosplaying

We have different ways to boost our self-confidence and express our artistic side. Some get inked while some use make-up; some write poems and some do videos.

Twenty five-year-old artist and gamer Asta Young has a fun way to show how the world how confident she is with her own body.

Having a height of just 4’5″, she had a tough experience growing up — feeling different from the people around her especially from her peers in school. Her classmates always made fun of her, especially during gym class because she cannot run so fast due to her little legs.

Image: Asta Young via Instagram

“That affected my confidence a lot, I remember I used to go home crying because kids would make fun of me at school. The difference between then and now is just most the fact of my confidence. I’m a lot happier,” Young said in an interview with Barcroft TV.

She hasn’t actually been formally diagnosed with Dwarfism. Growing up, her parents always say, “Hey, you were born small.

“My parents don’t have dwarfism, my siblings don’t have dwarfism, so I kind of popped out of my mum like, ‘surprise I have short legs – love me!’” she said in an interview.

Things changed when she discovered cosplaying a few years ago. This definitely changed and boosted Young’s confidence because the community did not judge her because of her height.

Image: Asta Young via Instagram

“Who cares what size you are, what gender you are, what race you are? You can be whoever you wanna be in the cosplay world,” she said.

Even before she joined the cosplay community, she had always been into a lot of fiction movies and animes like Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics. She also loves to play games like League of Legends and Pokemon.

Image: Asta Young via Instagram

She first started cosplaying and joining conventions around three to four years ago when she was convinced by her husband, Ty Goossen, to go with him. Ever since then, she fell in love with the community.

When she started sharing her photos online, of course, she did receive some negative comments but then she continued to do what she’s doing and what makes her feel happy.

She continues her happy lifestyle because it brought a positive impact in her life.