26-Year-Old Thai Woman Shares Botched Eyebrow Tattoo Experience, Receives Eyebrow Correction Procedure for Free

Nowadays, tattoo isn’t just a way of expressing one’s feelings or a sign of art but is also used to enhance some facial features. There are modern enhancing technologies such as putting permanent color on your lips, cheeks, or eyebrows but these things should be done by experienced tattoo artists or else disaster may occur just like what had happened to a 26-year-old Thailand woman who made headlines in her country recently.

Kanyarat Dew Chaichan shared her big slug-shaped eyebrows which were permanently inked by a cheap, inexperienced tattoo artist. Originally, she had fluffy eyebrows but her eyebrows now almost doubled in size. She had her eyebrows done last year when she found an artist who was willing to do it for a very affordable price.

Image by: Kanyarat Dew Chaichan via Facebook

Unfortunately, she lacks financial funds to have her ginormous eyebrows corrected. Left with no choice, she decided to share several photos of her and her eyebrows which eventually circulated on social media.

Luckily her post reached a beauty therapist named Vilailak Nan Sundantom who offered to correct her eyebrows for free.

Image by: Kanyarat Dew Chaichan via Facebook

Vilailak Nan Sundantom did a laser treatment to remove the dark ink from her face. Though it is a lengthy process, this procedure will eventually erase all the dark ink and hopefully bring back her original eyebrows.

“It was a mistake and this was a very extreme case. I will do my best to help but it will take between three and six months to see the results,” Sundantom said.

Kanyarat was very lucky that there are still good people who would be happy to help her with her situation for free. May this serve as a lesson for us to do extensive research before undergoing permanent procedures.