27-Year-Old Chinese Woman Loves Eating Out, Puts Her Life in Danger

Eating out is one of the best and easiest way to kill your hunger most especially when you are very busy and always on the go. However, this bad eating habit does put our health at risk.

A 27-year-old woman from China named Xiao Ling is like many of us — she loves eating out. In fact, she gets all her three meals through food delivery. Her favorite dishes include steamed fish, hot and spicy soup, fried chicken bento, and pig’s internal organs. This sounds really hard but here’s the worse part, she rarely eats vegetables and working as a clerk at a company, she usually spends most of her time sitting and doesn’t like to exercise.

Image: World of Buzz

Last week, her stomach started to ache after lunch then she started vomiting but this didn’t alarm her so she took a rest. After two days, her stomachache got worse so she decided to visit the hospital.

The doctor found an abnormality with her pancreas. Suspecting for acute pancreatitis, the doctor decided to transfer her to the ICU in a different hospital.

She underwent blood extraction for testing purposes; however, there was a layer of fat floating on the top of her blood sample in the test tube. Furthermore, her blood pressure was extremely high. She was in need of a blood plasma transfusion before her condition worsened.

After several tests, it shows that Xiao’s blood plasma was shockingly milky colour. According to World of Buzz, the normal blood plasma should be translucent and pale yellow.

Image: World of Buzz

Her doctor transfused 2,000ml of blood plasma which is an equivalent to half of her body’s blood.

Image: World of Buzz

Good thing after the transfusion, she felt really better. Unfortunately, hours after her blood tests results were out, it says that the level of her triglycerides in her blood was 18 times higher than the normal reading. Oh, my God!

So her doctor performed another plasma transfusion. Days after, she was removed out from the ICU and her condition was more stable. Phew!

We hope that her experience would serve as lessons that we should consider changing our lifestyle into a healthier one and we should exercise more.

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