28-Year-Old Husband Helps His Wife Marry Her Lover

Basudep Tappo, 28, a native of Palmara village in the Indian state of Odisha married an unnamed 24-year-old woman from a village in Jharsuguda as per arrangement made by their families. Though there were no legal papers signed by this couple, they followed the tradition of their community and received the community’s blessings.

Image: Oddity Central

After six days of being husband and wife, three men who claimed to be the woman’s cousin were welcomed by Basudep’s family into the couple’s home. The two men left the house to visit the village and the two cousins remained home alone. Unfortunately, the neighbors didn’t approve that a strange man was alone with a newlywed woman.

Soon after the man was pummelled by the mob. The woman confessed that the man was her old lover whom her family did not approve of; despite the protests and disapproval, the two continued their romance in secret.

After hearing his wife’s confession, Basudep came up with a conclusion that the woman should marry her lover as well. His wife’s lover contacted her family to tell them about the plan and get them to agree. When everything was settled, they organized a second traditional wedding for the woman and her lover, they also got the community’s blessing.

Basudep said the three of them are now living happily together. His mother said that despite the circumstances, he still made the best decision.

Though their situation may not be the usual set up for married couples, as long as the three of them are living together in peace, I guess we should just be happy for them.