28-Year-Old Unemployed Wife Files Divorce Because Husband Does All Household Chores

Doing household chores should be done as a team because let’s face it, it’s too much to handle, from washing the clothes down to changing the sheets. Sometimes, we feel exhausted in doing this, making it a problem in the household.

This pair of newlyweds in Egypt has taken this problem in dividing the household chores way too seriously. In fact, this is the cause of their divorce!

Photo by Kipras Štreimikis on Unsplash

Twenty eight-year-old Egyptian bride named Samar M. is asking for a divorce from her 31-year-old husband, Mohammad S., because he is too busy doing household chores. According to a website called Al Arabiya, she is already “bored of her husband” because he is the only one who handles all of the household chores.

Seeking help from the family court in New Cairo, she said that feels like a guest in their home.

Samar, who is unemployed, said that he spends most of his time doing chores – he cooks, cleans, and likes to rearrange the furniture in the house.

According to World of Buzz, she said:

“I sit down watching him all day while he moves stuff around looking very happy. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set.”

Samar tried to tell her problem about her husband to her mother-in-law and latter couldn’t believe how her son had changed since he never lifted a finger to help them with the household chores before. She also tried confronting her husband about her issue and he explained that if she wants to live with him, she needs to follow his rules – that’s when she decided to leave him.

If you’re wondering how does he do all the work, Mohammad owns a clothing store and have several employees to look after the place which means he has all the time in the world to do his thing.

What’s wrong with being a househusband after all? Their unusual story became a hot topic on social media.