29-Year-Old Wife Stands by Husband Despite His Rare Condition

As a couple gets married, they make promises that they will stand by each other through the good times and the bad. Some people wouldn’t believe that true love exists but a couple from Malaysia is a living proof that forever does exist.

Hamdan Hashim, 30, and Nurr Hidayah Hassan, 29, have been married for 3 years. Everything was doing great until early 2017 when Hamdan started working at a clothing factory warehouse. His eyes started to get hurt so they immediately went to the clinic to get treatment. The doctor prescribed him eye medication and pills to relieve his pain.

Unfortunately, after 24 hours, his mouth and eyes started to swell as well. So Hidayah brought him to Melaka Hospital.

He was diagnosed with chicken pox so he was given some antibiotics – which made things worse. His skin started blistering and seems to be bleeding terribly.

“He went into the ICU for about a month. It saddened me to see him in that condition but as his wife, I must be strong,” Hadiyah told World of Buzz.

“The doctors tell me that my husband can no longer see life before as his eyes are affected. He can only hear. My husband’s right eye couldn’t be saved as a layer of membrane grew over, blocking his vision,” she added.

Image: World of Buzz

After a series of tests, the doctors finally knew what was happening to her poor husband. He is suffering from a rare disorder called the Johnson Steven Syndrome which usually causes a reaction to medication or infection.

Image: World of Buzz

Some heartless netizens suggested that Hidayah should leave her husband and marry someone else after his pictures went viral on social media. But she simply said that she loves her husband and she will take care of him for the rest of his life.

“I will be with him through thick and thin and I will do my best to find a way to cure him,” she told World of Buzz.

Image: World of Buzz

Luckily, Hamdan’s home for a while now and his condition is improving. The couple is living with Hidayah’s grandmother in Kampung Morten.