29-Year-Old Young Man in China Becomes Paralyzed after Using Mobile Phone for Two Consecutive Days

A young and healthy man from Guangzhou, China became paralyzed all of a sudden after spending two consecutive days looking down at his phone. The 29-year-old man loved playing games on his smartphone, resulting in him staying up late.

According to World of Buzz, in November, he did nothing for two consecutive days but play on his phone. Early morning on the third day, he felt pain and stiffness in his neck. Then all of his four limbs became numb and paralyzed. He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The hospital’s orthopaedic specialist, Shen Huiyong, diagnosed him with cervical spondylosis hematoma. The cause of his paralysis was by blood clots in his cervical spinal tube pressing against his spinal cord.

Image: World of Buzz

The young man needs to undergo a delicate surgery to remove these clots and allow him to regain feeling in his limbs. Luckily, he was able to regain his motor skills and was able to walk after spending some time in intensive care. However, he still needs multiple sessions of physiotherapy to be fully recovered.

According to Oddity Central, Dr. Huiyong told Chinese news outlet, Sina, that the long-term use of mobile phones might lead users to develop a permanent bowing position which is contrary to the natural curvature of the spine and can accelerate cervical degeneration leading to nerve compression that causes pain in the neck and at the same time, numbness. Worse case scenario, it may lead to severe complications like limb paralysis.

We must limit our usage of our mobile phones to avoid these incidents. Another incident caused by the extreme usage of mobile phones was when a woman went blind in one eye and a young man who died of exhaustion after several months of sleep deprivation.