3 Weeks in Intensive Care After Eating Nacho Cheese at Gas Station

Eating nacho cheese from a gasoline station had caused a woman to spend three weeks in Intensive Care in Walnut Grove, California.

It was last April 21 when Lavinia Kelly stopped at Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station to buy snack on her way home.

She bought a bag of Doritos and mizzled them with nacho cheese sauce that was made available for the gas station’s customers.

The day after, she sought medical attention complaining she was experiencing double vision. She was then sent home but few hours thereafter, she was vomiting and had difficulty in breathing.

It was observed that her eyelids were drooping, her speech was slurred, she had difficulty in swallowing, had dry mouth and weak muscles.

She was then brought to the hospital for a thorough examination and medical assistance. She was confined and even celebrated her 33rd Birthday while under Intensive Care for being treated with food borne botulism, which comes from improperly canned or preserved foods, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) explains.

photo credits to David Moye

Kelly’s family during this hard times had been monitoring closely her condition and hoped for her full recovery.

Sacramento County Health and Human Services Department reported that Kelly is one of at least five people who have been reported to suffer from botulism after eating food purchased at the said gasoline station.

After investigation held by the Health Officials, food sales of the business had been prohibited that took effect last May 5, 2017.

To date, a lawsuit against the gas station has been filed by Kelly’s family in Sacramento County Superior Court, citing alleged negligence, product liability and breach of implied warranty. ¬†Their side of the incident have not been heard as of yet, as calls made to Valley Oak Fuel and Food by Huffington Post were not entertained.