3-Year-Old Boy from Malaysia Chokes to ***** on Longan Fruit

We all love to see our little ones eating and enjoying sumptuous snacks or meals; unfortunately, even though our kids can already tell what foods they like or not like to eat, there are still food, no matter how healthy, that are not suitable for young ones.

A 3-year-old boy from Malaysia choked to ***** from eating longan fruit on March 28. According to World of Buzz, the young boy was eating his tasty fruits together with his group of friends on the corridor of a longhouse in Kampung Pasai Siong, Sibu.

Apparently, the toddler’s grandmother and aunt were busy in the longhouse and his father was farming crops nearby.

Image: World of Buzz

After few minutes, the children cried and shouted. Turns out, the longan was stuck in the boy’s throat which led to deprivation of oxygen.

The toddler’s father immediately rushed him to Sibu Hospital. Unfortunately, while on the way, the young boy’s face already turned purple and he was unconscious before reaching the hospital. The poor boy failed to make it and passed away in the afternoon of March 28.

Image: World of Buzz

A spokesperson for the police district of Sibu confirmed the case and classified the incident as sudden *****. Meanwhile, the remains of the toddler will undergo an autopsy to figure out the true cause of his *****.

May this incident serve as a lesson to everyone that there are certain foods that are not suitable for our kids and that little ones should be under a supervision and shouldn’t be left alone, especially when they are eating.

May the family of the toddler find peace. Condolences.