3-Year-Old Girl Appears ‘Possessed’ During the Night, Plays with Imaginary Friends and Refuses to Sleep

Like any other 3-year-old girl, Jessica loves to play and have fun with her friends. She eats normally and enjoys spending time with her parents. Her daytime activities are perfectly normal, just like any other kid her age.

But come nightfall, she appears to ‘transform’ and begins to live in a world of her own. Sometimes her eyes are wide open but even if she closes them, she does not sleep. Instead, she continues playing but acts rather strangely as her games were nothing like the ones she plays when she’s awake.

Sitting on her parents’ bed, she appears to not know they are there and does not even answer when they ask her a question or calls her out, despite her looking awake. She laughs by herself and talks to people her parents could not see, making it appear that she might be ‘possessed’. But this only happens at night.

Photo credit: Viral TRND / Facebook

Come day time, she ‘wakes up’ and continues with her daily activities like an ordinary kid before going back to her strange behavior at night. For years, she went through this bizarre behavior that her parents have come to fear for her, not knowing whether she’s suffering from a medical condition that could permanently hamper her development.

After taking her to the doctor and undergoing many tests, Jessica was finally diagnosed with a rare medical condition called eidetic imagery wherein she creates a virtual 3D world in her mind. This world is so vivid that she loves to be in it; she meets many imaginary friends there and have fun ‘living’ in this virtual dream world that she does not sleep because she’s too excited in this 3D place.

Doctors have determined that the vivid mental images projected by the patient’s mind could be derived from actual experience but might also be just products of the imagination. In Jessica’s case, she creates a 3D playground with all these awesome friends – it’s easier to understand now why she does not want to sleep at all.

Child psychologists have come to work with Jessica to help her distinguish this virtual world with the real one, in hopes that she will finally get a good night of rest. This way, her development will no longer be hampered by lack of sleep.

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