3 Years After Their Two Kids Died, They Found an Abandoned Baby… And He Became Their Angel

It is said that nothing is more painful than burying your own kids – a truth that couple Cathi and Dan Johnson of Twin Cities, Minnesota knew full well. Two of their three kids died in an unfortunate car accident after missing a stop sign.

Still grieving over the deaths, Cathi went to Liberia on the anniversary of their passing away to use her capacity as nurse to help others as well as distract herself from the pain of losing her two children. While there, a child with deformities was abandoned by his mother who didn’t want a broken child.

Cathi nursed the baby the best way she could – and fell in love with him! She stayed in Liberia until she was allowed to adopt and bring him home to the US. Dan felt the same love for their new son, Matthew.

Although they had to spend a lot of money for the numerous surgeries he needed, the couple did not mind because they love him and were willing to do anything for him. Cathi and Dan admitted that Matthew gave them a new reason to live but they are not viewing him as a replacement for the kids they lost…

Source :

SF Globe

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