30-Year-Old Woman Suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease Caused by Cheap Whitening Treatments

Some Asians want to have light skin because for them, having a white complexion means you’re beautiful that’s why there are so many options to choose from when it comes to whitening treatments.

But you need to be mindful of which type of treatment you will be using because you never know if this will give side effects to your body.

A 30-year-old woman identified only as Wang from Nanjing, capital of Eastern China’s Jiangsu Province suffered from chronic kidney disease after she opted for a cheap whitening treatment in hopes to receive faster results.

Image: World of Buzz

After receiving the regular whitening treatment from a salon for about two months, she experienced detrimental side effects like memory loss as well as swelling in her arms and legs. Thinking that it was an allergic reaction because she experienced the same thing the first time she used the treatment, she decided to continue with the sessions.

She was then admitted to a hospital and it shows on her laboratory tests that the mercury level in her urine was off the charts – it was ten times the normal level! She was diagnosed with mercury poisoning causing her kidneys to become severely damaged.

Image: World of Buzz

The doctors who attended to Wang think that she suffered from toxic mercury exposure which led to kidney disease.

There’s nothing wrong in enhancing your features most especially if this will uplift your spirit and boost your confidence but we must be mindful on the beauty treatments that we will undergo as we never know if there will be side effects to our body.

May Wang’s condition be better soon and we hope that she learned her lesson…