37-Year-Old Russian Woman Gives Tip Amounting to $7000 by Mistake

We usually give tips whenever we experience very good customer service. Normally, we give out loose change or a small amount of cash as a way to say ‘thank you’ for their amazing job. However, this Russian woman gave extra tip to a cafe.

Thirty seven-year-old Olesja Schemjakowa and her son went to New Point cafe in Dietikin, near Zurich for coffee and a cake; she opted to pay using her card but somehow upon entering her pin code for the tip, she ended up paying a total of 7709.70 Swiss francs (around 7,684.07) instead of 23.70 Swiss francs (around $23.62). She just realized that she made the mistake after receiving her credit card bill. Uh oh!

Image: Oddity Central

Olesja tried to ask help from her credit card company to retrieve the money she paid by mistake but officials told her that there was nothing  she could possibly do because her situation cannot qualify as a case of fraud. So, she tried seeking help from the police department in Dietikon, but she was told that her case is not criminally relevant.

Her final option is to call the owner of the cafe and explain that she didn’t intend to leave such a big tip. Luckily, the owner agreed to return the 7,686 francs; however, as the deadline approached, the man took longer to respond to her calls and eventually broke off all communications completely.

Image: Oddity Central

Speaking to the Swiss newspaper Blik, she later discovered that the cafe owner filed for bankruptcy and closed the place down in early March.

There’s nothing she can do to get her money back.

I just can’t understand how the cafe owner can just keep the money, and I can not do anything about it, that’s just not fair!” Olesja told Blick.

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