4-Month-Old Baby **** after Falling 30ft When Grandma Loses Balance on Top of Escalator

A freak accident led to the ***** of a 4-month-old baby who was accidentally thrown over the escalator when his grandma lost her footing as she stepped on the moving staircase. The accident sparked calls for measures to prevent this from happening; though this should also serve as a reminder for anyone handling children to be extra careful and to use things like a baby carrier when out walking with babies and small kids.

In the harrowing CCTV footage of the accident, a family could be seen standing at the top of an escalator later revealed to be at the third floor of Wu Yue plaza department store in the Qingpu district of Shanghai, China.

Photo credit: New China TV / YouTube
Photo credit: New China TV / YouTube

The grandmother was holding the 4-month-old baby in her hands but as she stepped on the escalator, she lost her balance and her legs buckled leading her to lose her grip on the baby. As she moved to steady herself on the handrail, she accidentally let go of the baby who fell to the floor, some 30 feet below!

What’s even more alarming about this accident is that the mother tried to save the baby but in so doing, lurched forward to save the child and left the older kid who quickly followed her and fell flat on the still moving escalator!

Focused on saving the baby, the mother and grandmother had forgotten about the other kid who was only saved and picked up when the older women were near the bottom of the escalator. This could have been a double tragedy!

The boy did not immediately die from the fall and was rushed to the hospital but died of his massive injuries some hours later.

Watch the harrowing CCTV footage here:

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