4-Year-Old Boy Suffers Seizures after Parents Refused to Give Him Paracetamol

Social media has been playing a very important role in our lives, not only does it makes our relationship closer to our relatives and friends who are miles apart but it can also provide us information from politics down to health.

Dr Ahmad Zakmi Abdullah of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center (PPUKM) shared the experience he had with a patient on his Facebook account.

He said that a man was holding his 4-year-old son in the red zone of the accident and emergency (A&E) department saying, “Doctor, help! My son is having a seizure”. The boy was unconscious and seizing, his arm is up in the air and his mouth is foaming.

He immediately helped the poor boy and gave him anti-seizure medicine. Afterwards, they checked all the vital signs and it turns out that the boy’s blood pressure was stable but he has a very high heart rate of 140 beats per minute and a high fever of 39.8 degrees Celsius. The boy suffered from complex febrile seizures which occurs during a very high fever.

Image: World of Buzz

Dr Ahmad talked to the father and found out that the young boy had his fever for two days. They were able to bring him to the doctor but they didn’t give him the prescribed paracetamol. Dr Ahmad asked why he didn’t give the medicine to his son and the father replied:

“I read on Facebook that paracetamol is actually dangerous and can damage the liver, so that’s why I didn’t give it to him.”

Then the father handed out the article that he has read on Facebook.

Image: Ahmad Zakimi Abdullah via Facebook

Wait, what?

Dr Ahmad further explains in his post that paracetamol is taken accordingly to a dose that has been prescribed by a doctor or a pharmacist and is safe to consume. He clarified that this is not toxic and will not cause liver damage.

He further put some more information regarding the doses of paracetamol given at a certain age and weight.

“I posted this because I want to raise awareness and make sure netizens don’t simply spread inaccurate facts about paracetamol on social media. It will needlessly cause panic in the community and willl make them want to avoid taking this medicine even when they need it,” Dr Ahmad dicloses on his Facebook post, according to World of Buzz.

Image: Pixabay

It’s sad to see that there are social media users who share fake articles just to make it trending and worse, some parents who are just concerned of their child’s health believe these and make things worse.

May the story of Dr Ahmad be a lesson to all of us not to believe everything posted on social media most especially on health matters. When you feel unusual, you directly go to your doctor and get checked. Drink all the prescriptions given because the doctors know what they’re doing so we must believe them.