4-Year-Old Girl Killed by New Dog They Just Bought Minutes Earlier

When the family’s beloved Doberman died of ******, one mom thought buying a new dog would fill the void they feel over the dog’s ***** – but no one expected that this would result to tragedy and she would end up losing her daughter, too.

According to, 4-year-old Kiyana McNeal loved their dog so much that she grieved its loss. Months later, Jacy, Kiyana’s mom decided that they should buy another Doberman to replace their beloved pet.

She was able to find a Doberman being sold online by a man from Illinois who was more than willing to personally deliver the dog to the family’s home in Michigan.

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Kiyana was greatly overjoyed that her mom bought another Doberman who most certainly looked similar to their old pet. Tragedy struck, however, when she tried to give the new dog a treat but it lunged and bit her on the throat instead of taking the food!

Jacy quickly tried to get the new Doberman off her daughter but it also turned on her and bit her on the neck and hands! Neighbors who heard her screaming for help rushed to the scene.

Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock

Someone called 911 while Jacy frantically called the man who sold her the dog. He immediately went back to the house and was able to get the dog off Kiyana; he also performed CPR but the girl was **** by then.

Jacy was also taken to the hospital for her injuries but was released the following day.

Everyone mourned the loss of such a brilliant and cheerful girl. Her stepmom Lorie May said, “[Jacy] loved her baby girl. Our hearts are broken. Kiyana was a ball of fire. She loved to sing. She loved to dance. She was compassionate beyond her years and full of life and wisdom.

Rest in peace, Kiyana…

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